Sunday, May 30, 2010

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 weeks. 8!

That's all. Eight weeks is all I have left in lovely, beautiful, hilly, wet, caffeinated, wonderful Wellington, New Zealand.

It's begun...the scramble of events leading up to the harsh reality of actually having to say goodbye to a place and people who've come to mean so much. AND the sweet reality that on the other side of my journey lies home & my family who I miss a lot. How is it even possible to dread and look forward to the same moment? Hmmm.

The next couple of months hold lots of to-do's, wrap-ups, & miscellaneous tid-bits.

I am of the sentimental sort so I tend to be the person who wants to leave having given each person I've met a personalized little something or other; card, photo, etc. I am also of the creative sort so it needs to know, creative. Lastly, I'm of the "I'll probably have overweight luggage and need to pay the fee" sort so my sentimental creativity needs to be costly cheap, not cheaply cheap. I'm happy to stress here. I have an idea and it's halfway done. Yes. Check.

Back up a bit...luggage. This is my biggest stress at the moment. My bags were overweight when I arrived and I got away with it, crazily. They were even maxed out overweight. Honest to goodness I did not bring that much stuff!! To LIVE in another place on the other side of the world and only bring 2 suitcases, a guitar and 1 carry-on. I should get a medal. And airlines should get real. Regardless, I have to downsize. The madness.

Travel. I head over to Melbourne, Australia on July 21st for about a week & then spend my final week and a half in Wellington before road-tripping it up to Auckland where my flight to LA departs from. I'll then stay in LA visiting friends for a week {and where my sister is meeting me!}, then finally to Minneapolis. Oh, I have a layover in Tahiti. Tahiti!! Anyone else get red mustaches from those syrupy sweet tahitian treat drinks as youngsters? I sure did. We're there only for a wee bit, but long enough for a drink in their open air-airport. Ahhh...

I'm also teaching an after school photography program for high school students during these final 2 months as well. We've met twice now and it's been great. The kids are cool and the challenge is needed.

Oh, and I have lots of coffee to drink before I'm nowhere near a flat white of any sort, photos to take, places yet to see, people to spend time with, 3 little boys to cuddle lots before I'll leave and they'll grow up fast, and a wedding I'm very much looking forward to...Stu and Fritha-my cool employers.

That's me for now.



  1. you don't have Nashville on your list!!!! ;)

    i've loved following your travels the last year.

  2. Oh yeah!!! Poor Nash, all left out. :( I WILL be there in September...and I am in the middle of deciding where to live when I get home. I'm completely torn between Minneapolis (where my family is) and Nashville. First year back will be transitional and I'm hoping to do a bit more traveling, sooo no matter what nothing is permanent. Praying for provision and a job...

    Looking forward to seeing you guys again! Thanks for keeping up with all of this, it's such a cool way to stay connected. :) Still read & laugh & love yours as well!


  3. It's sad to think that Wendy will bark and the boys will say "Rachel's here!" but you will be on the other side of the world.

    Just like Jackie Paper.

    But Fritha will probably miss you even more, especially in those first few months!

    And who will drop Frankie to his date with Dad on Tuesdays???

    8 weeks. It's flying by already.

  4. I know Stu!!! :( I've thought about all of this and how super sad it'll be for all of us!

    I came needing a job, and you needing a Nanny...but we've become friends. Family.

    As tough as goodbye will be & as fast as time has gone, I'd never, ever take back this year. Lots of "invaluables"...friendships, experiences, lessons, growth.

    Going to soak up these 8 weeks and take em' for all they're worth!

    Lots of love and thanks to you, McKinlay's.