Thursday, May 20, 2010

Seasonal Associations & Favo(u)rite Things...

The earth has revolved around the sun per usual and as June approaches so does winter here in New Zealand. With the ringing in of the season, jackets, hats, layers, hot drinks, I am ready for Christmas. 'Tis the season to be jolly' comes hand in hand with winter, it's a seasonal association. It seems a bit anti-climactic to have such cold weather with no holiday cheer to warm our hearts and help us forget that we can't feel our toes. But just as I was in December when BBQ's and flip flops were in full swing, I am reminded that the world is much, much bigger than just how I've known and experienced it. A simple swap of seasons has opened my eyes to the fact that normal to one is not always to another.

Cheers to that.

I have compiled a little list with photos of some of my favorite things here in Wellington & it goes a little something like this...

Delicious. Feijoa trees bear a seemingly endless supply of these things when they're in season. Just cut them in half and scoop out the middle.

Frankie, Ted & Sonny.
The 3 wee fella's I hang out with a few days each week. They are beautiful little guys.

Flat White's.
To stay. Or, to take away.

Roti Chenai.
'Nuff said.

Cuba Street.
Has it all, including my favorite cafe's and people watching benches.

Public Transportation.
I've actually loved my car free year. Trading a car for the bus, less convenient? Slightly. Less stress? Ummm, YES! All I have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride while the driver battles traffic and getting through town. My biggest stress is deciding what to listen to on my ipod.

The Novelist.
A Wellington band that happens to be made up of 4 friends. Tim, Matt, Travis & Rene. Check them out at

The sky.
More often than not it's beyond amazing, especially if you catch it at sunrise or sunset.

Always interesting.
Always fun.

City, sea, bush...all within an arms reach.

There are many more favorites, but these will do for now!

Love, Rachel


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  2. I hope this blog hasn't stopped just because you left New Zealand!

  3. Jonny!?!

    Are you not on FB anymore? I miss you bud! I have stopped posting on here, but you can visit my NEW one at
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