Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bigger than small, but smaller than big. Waves: a Surfing tale.

I had my first surfing lesson earlier this week! When I was young we'd spend summer days at the local "Wave Pool"....woooo! Besides lakes, this is the closest thing us landlocked folk have to the sea. Well, here in New Zealand the sea is almost always in one half of your view. The kiwi's enjoy life on a tiny little green gem perched in the middle of the big blue. It's grand, really. Surfing is a way of life around here.

Being that I have just over a month left here, I've naturally stressed a little bit over a few things I haven't yet done but definitely want to before I take off. Surfing is one of these things. I mentioned this to my nice friend Ben & he kindly offered to take me out one morning. We drove to a local surf beach called Titahi Bay, suited up, and headed in. I was a wee bit nervous right off the bat, but after the first test ride it was all fun. I loved it and only wish I would have started earlier! Oh, and it's winter here, so the already cold water is supposed to be extra cold at this time of the year. In all honesty, it didn't feel cold to me at all. Must've been a pretty cozy warm wetsuit!

Things to do... 1. Surf NZ. Check.

My instructor, Ben.

I almost got up a few times, but attribute sore arms from the gym as my biggest hurdle. It was hard to be quick!

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  1. Yea-yah!
    If the chance to do it again comes up in the next few weeks you have left I'll let you know :)